Charlie & Rachael Ray (EVOO Woman)


Food Network's Rachael Ray made a book signing appearance at Barnes & Noble NYC on December 1, 2005 and sadly my wife and I were refused at the door!

Barnes & Noble was mobbed by Rachael fans who arrived earlier in the day to grab seats for the event. Latecomers need not apply. To add to the picture, it was Christmas time in New York City and everyone was in holly-jolly mode.

My wife and I had dinner reservations at Artisanal that night and we had no idea of the scene waiting at the book store. I had brought a special bottle of beer along to give to Rachael and had no intention of schlepping it to dinner with us, nor was I going to toss it because it's a sin to waste good beer!

Just then I noticed of a trail of bank ropes that lead far to the back of the book store. With my wife behind, nervously waiting for me to be jumped by security, I made my way down the rope trail and ended up outside a small stock room. I poked my head inside and there was Rachael. Merry Christmas!

Now for the record, love her or hate her, to me Rachael was every bit a warm person and a good woman. Not only because she didn't call security on me, but because she genuinely made me feel as though she was my fan, too.

In exchange for the beer, she gave me a signed copy of her cookbook and then the awesome picture above. I later even received a Christmas card from her. Trust me, Rachael is the real deal.

To this day my wife still believes that I shoplifted the cookbook, but in my mind I know it was a legitimate trade of beer for book.

Thanks, Rachael!

~ Charlie C.


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