July 29, 2009 / Ridgefield Playhouse

Disclaimer: I am able to share these pictures with you because of the generosity of the people who posed for them along with their knowledge that I would do so.

Enjoy! (and try not to hate me too much)

~ Charlie C.

Without any further delay, here we are with the Squiers before the show. I told Billy and Nicole about the many curious visitors to my site looking for pictures of Mrs. Squier. Nicole told me that to her, Billy is the star, but she was humbled to know she's in high-demand on the Internet! What a classy lady and nice person. Billy's not too bad himself!
You would think Billy would have had enough of these fan photos? I did not want to find out firsthand, so I told Nicole, and she made him take the picture with me! Make no mistake, Billy is now a card-carrying member of the Husband's Club (and hopefully he will play at our next lodge meeting.)
The big bass man from Liverpool, England and an all around fine chap, Sir Mark Clarke. Mark's also in the Husband's Club and his wife and kids were backstage with us. Since no one yet has Googled his marital status, we instead talked about his killer bass rig that I had my eye on!
And on keyboards, the eternal Alan St. Jon! I asked if I could finally get a picture with him, since as he will tell you, he is famous for escaping the scene after a show. That was a relief for me to hear because I thought that was caused by the "Charlie Effect" for which I am famous for.
OK ladies, now this is the guy who's wife you should inquire about because I think Mr. Marc Copely may be available! We talked guitars, amps and recording gear, but he may be well versed in whatever you'd like to talk about. Great guy and awesome guitarist!
This photo was hardly staged at all! I turned around and all the wives were there in a world-class chat-fest as if they had known each other for years! I'll never understand. Billy and I then shared the same facial expression that one can only acquire as a member of the Husband's Club :-)
Unbelievable but true, during the encore set, Billy gave me a "shout out" from the stage before breaking into "Calley Oh." Perhaps it was my lucky day or maybe it was in thanks for the "gift bottle" I gave him before the show? Either way, fine with me! Cheers!

(This bottle is one of my favorites.)

More stories soon, but first I need my ears to stop ringing. This was Billy's best show in many years, don't miss this tour!
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