This page is dedicated to one of my favorite musicians of all time. Not only can this guy write great music, he also handles lead vocals and plays awesome guitar. I had the pleasure of meeting him a few times and I tortured him with guitar and studio questions, since I am both a weekend musician and a huge fan.

~ Charlie C.

P.S. Let me guess... You're here because you want to see pictures of Mrs. Billy Squier, right? -- Keep scrolling and perhaps I can help you!


This is a picture of Billy Squier and me taken at the release party for his album, "Tell The Truth." The event was held in May, 1993 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. This was the first time I ever met Billy in person and as you can see, I look reasonably calm and collected.
This is a picture of Billy and his dog, Simon, in their apartment wearing a T-shirt made with the above photo (1995). This is not a Photoshop trick, he's really got my picture on the T-shirt! Many thanks to Judy Miller, Billy's personal assistant, for taking this photo for me. For a fan, I don't think it gets any better than this.

This is a picture of me and the late, great, Bobby Chouinard taken in May 1993 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. Bobby was a fantastic drummer and pleasure to have met. Zoom in on this photo and look at these two happy guys!

This is a picture of me and Billy's right-hand man, Jeff Golub, taken in May 1993 at the Hard Rock Cafe in New York City. As soon as I ran into Jeff, I immediately told him about how I used to steal all of his riffs off of the "In The Dark" home video released in 1982. He said, "You still have that?!" May the VHS Gods protect this classic tape in my collection until it's released on DVD! (Update, April 2001: thanks to Pioneer Home Video and, I now have a copy on DVD.)
This is an advertisement for Billy's guest appearance at the Learning Annex in New York City in August 1993. Those lucky fans who made it to the show got a chance to see Billy perform two songs acoustically: Squier's "I Have Watched You Fly" and Simon & Garfunkel's "The Boxer". I can go on and on with stories from this night and will most likely ramble on at another time. Until then, enjoy this rare NYC area advertisement.
This is one of the souvenirs I got at the Learning Annex appearance (see above.) Billy said "Charlie, what do you want me to sign here?" Since I have tons of other autographed stuff from him I replied, "Be creative!", so he wrote, "BLAH, BLAH, BLAH!" See it for yourself and zoom in on this scan which I tried to get as clear as possible for further reading.
Talk about a collectors item! Billy tossed this autographed banana into the audience at a Freddie Mercury tribute show in NYC on 2/17/98. I was lucky enough to get it thrown right at me, I didn't even have to leave my seat. Later on that night I told Billy that he hit me in the eye with it and that we should try to settle things out of court.
Speaking of the Freddie Mercury Tribute show, "Mercury - The Afterlife and Times of a Rock God", here's a scan of my ticket from that night. I would like to point out that the picture of the actor on the ticket, Paul Goncalves, did not do him justice. In full costume, live and in person, this guy looked, spoke and acted exactly like Freddie. It was so spooky that after the show I asked Billy how he felt watching Freddie alive again on stage. He was equally impressed as I was.
One day before my wife and I were to be married, we received a special overnight package from New York. Inside? Framed and autographed lyrics to "Your Love Is My Life" from a guest who couldn't make it to the ceremony. This special, early wedding present hangs proudly in our home. Judy Miller tells me that Billy typed them himself. If Judy says it, it must be true!
Piper CD's anyone? May the force be with you! These things are worth their weight in gold until Billy is able to re-release them. I was lucky enough to get copies of both Piper albums from Japan back in 1991. Unfortunately these are way out-of-print around the world, including Japan. The sad news about this is that if the Japanese don't press it, forget about it. Japan has/had every CD you ever wished for.
I recently came across this autographed flyer from Billy's Borders Books appearance in September 1998. This was a great night for all the New York metropolitan area fans, and I think Billy had a pretty good time, too. From what I have read and heard from fans who went to other in-store appearances on this tour, it was the same thing all around. If you wanted to be up-close and personal with Squier and his music, this was the place to be.
Remember when you were a kid and watched "The Superfriends" on Saturday morning? Remember when your favorite superheroes would get together in the same episode? I always found it cool that this could happen, and yes kids, I guess it happens in real life, too. The four guys in this photo are some of my favorite 80's rock superheroes. In case you don't know who's standing next to Billy, let me introduce you to Neal Schon, Steve Perry and Jonathan Cain of Journey. What a great year 1981 was! "Don't Say No" and "Escape". This was music! I'm now going to crank up these two classic albums and break out my Atari video games!
This is a Billy Squier Screen Saver that I put together for users of Microsoft Windows. Click the graphic on the left to get your copy now. It's my gift to you. Thanks for visiting my web page!
In my opinion, Billy's rare "Don't Let Me Go" video is his best to date. It more than redeems him from the infamous "Rock Me Tonite" disaster. I've finally posted this clip for you guys on YouTube. Click here to watch, but don't forget to come back here when you're done!
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July 29, 2009 was a good day in Squierville. Billy and company rocked our asses off at the Ridgefield Playhouse. My ears are still ringing, so please forgive me. What did you say? "Is Billy Squier married?" You want to see pictures of Billy Squier's wife? Click my backstage pass on the right and follow me.
On 9/2/12 in Westport, CT I put Billy under House Arrest ! Please "Like" us on Facebook!

I told him that it would not be a problem if he cut off the sleeves or otherwise remodeled the shirt for those morning jogs on the beach.



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